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Login to AGOL using enterprise login with python

03-03-2020 04:53 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hello all, 

I went through this link in an effort to successfully login to AGOL using my enterprise account however, I am continually faced with invalid credentials error. The authorization to my enterprise account is windows authentications and hence I used my windows password. I am still unsuccessful. Any pointers would help!

When I use a built-in account, I am able to login successfully

from arcgis.gis import GIS

insPortal = GIS("portal-link", username = 'AGOL_uname', password = 'password')
print("Logged in as: " + str(
print('Login Succesful')
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Hey @Sravanthi Murali,

First thing you can try is changing the part in red to

insPortal = GIS("portal-link", username = 'AGOL_uname', password = 'password')

Try that and let me know how it goes!



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by Anonymous User
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Hello Ben, 

Thank you for the pointer. Unfortunately, it does not go through

I used a workaround by logging into AGOL using ArcGIS Pro and called my python script to get access from there.

I used the following

gis = GIS('pro')

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using Pro to log in is a neat trick 

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