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Layer to Shapefile

02-16-2022 07:28 AM
New Contributor

Hallo Esri Community,

I would like to convert and export my layers to File GDB.
In ArcMap I can export the layer as a feature class with a right click.
I'm trying to automate this process using Arcpy.
I get an error message when running my script.
I use SQL Server and ArcSDE as database.
I would be grateful if you could suggest me a solution.
Below you will find my script, error message and the image of the layer.


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Esri Contributor

Hi @arashhokm ,

You're missing a backslash in your out variable for the path:


this should be like:

out = r"I:\2022\Shapefile\FGDB\Wasser.gdb"


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