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Layer does not overwrite when using to_featurelayer()

06-07-2023 10:08 AM
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-Goal: I am trying to create a script to access a layer on portal and clone it. After cloning it I would like to overwrite a layer in either a SQL database or back in portal. 

-Reason: As the original layer updates I would like to run the script to update the copy in which I have view layers created from.

-I have been able to copy the layer and publish it to portal using to_featurelayer()

The issue is that the layer will not overwrite the existing layer in portal.

Here is the code I have been trying:

def overwrite_existing_layer(source_layer_name,feature_service_id,copy_layer_name):

        # Connect to the ArcGIS Portal
        gis = GIS('pro')

        # Retrieve the feature layer you want to clone
        source_layer =, item_type="Feature Layer")[0]
        # Create a temporary copy of the layer
        temporary_copy = source_layer.layers[0].query()
        # Creat Pandas df from temporary copy
        temp_sdf = temporary_copy.sdf

        # Create a dictionary for the properties of to_featurelayer method
        fl_properties = {
        'layer': 0,  
        'featureServiceId': feature_service_id  

        # Overwrite the feature layer
        new_layer = temp_sdf.spatial.to_featurelayer(title=copy_layer_name, overwrite=True, service={'layer': 0, 'featureServiceId': feature_service_id})

        print("Temporary copy overwritten in SQL database.")

        print('Finished running script')

    except Exception as e:
        # Handle any errors that occur during the process
        print(f"An error occurred: {str(e)}")

The script runs fine but does not overwrite the existing layer. I have the correct feature_service_id from the existing layer in portal but am not sure why it does not recognize the existing layer. 


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Normally in Pro there is an "overwriteOutputs" option" to enable you do do exactly what you want.  I dont' know if it can be used with the api and portal.

You might want to "delete" using the appropriate python arcgis api call prior to adding the newer version.

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Dan, I appreciate your response. Unfortunately have not found a way to overwrite like you can in pro.

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