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item.dependent_to 'total' is non-zero, but 'list' is empty

03-30-2020 12:08 PM
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Hey there - 

I am building a Jupyter notebook to help us QC before deleting Portal items. These pages (Managing your content | ArcGIS for Developers ; How To: Find dependencies in Portal for ArcGIS using ArcGIS API for Python ) provide the basics and it seems pretty straightforward. However, when I use item.dependent_to on a map layer I know is used in multiple webmaps and apps (e.g. our 'Boundaries' layer), I only get a count of items, not their IDs in the 'list' item.

The code in the notebook (note that 'source' is the gis connected to in code not shown):

item = source.content.get('5055********') #Boundaries map layer, for demo


if (item.dependent_to()['total'] == 0):
   print("This item has nothing dependent upon it.")
elif (item.dependent_to()['total'] > 0):
   print("This item is a dependency of these items:\n{}".format(item.dependent_to()))

The output:

Boundaries This item is a dependency of these items: {'total': 7, 'start': 1, 'num': 7, 'nextStart': -1, 'list': []}

When I use the "dependent_upon" method for a webmap, the list results are populated:
Transmission Basic Web Map This item is dependent upon these items: {'total': 2, 'start': 1, 'num': 2, 'nextStart': -1, 'list': 
[{'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': 'd9157****'}, 
{'dependencyType': 'url', 'url': ''}]}

What I would like is for the 'list' results from 'dependent_to' to also be populated. Does anyone know why that isn't happening, or how to make that happen?

Note that we are using ArcGIS Enterprise and not AGOL, currently on 10.6.1.


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Having the same issue here. Anyone know if there is a way to use the dependent_to() method (or any other) to determine which web maps or apps a particular hosted feature service is used in?

Thank you,


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I'm also having the same issue. Was this ever resolved? 





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