Issue with GUID and Edit FeatureClass when using SDF/SEDF

03-31-2021 03:45 PM
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Dear Community,

I am developing python code to sync featureclass in FGDB and featurelayer in agol utilizing SDF(SEDF). Thanks for to jcarlson, I have successfully detected changes of the source dataset with SDF and synchronized agol featurelayer with its source.

I still have two issues remining and like to seek help from you:

1. As many suggested, the GlobalID and GUID pair should/can be used as keys to match the records of source and target datasets. In the featureClass (source), both GlobalID and GUID (coppied from GlobalID) are in upper case and with "{}". Once it publish to AGOL, both GlobalID and GUID became lower case in FeatureLayer but still shows the "{}". However, the SDF/SDEF created from featureClass has it value of GlabolID and GUID in upper case with "{}", but, the SDF/SDEF created from featureLayer has its value of GlabolID and GUID in lower case and without "{}". This resulted in "false miss match" of all the records. (See attached images)

2. If I want to use the AGOL featurelayer as the source and the FGDB featurelayer as the target, is there a single line of codes in ArcPy or Python API that can make "adds, deletes, and updates" editing to the featureclass, just like the one for arcgis.featurelayer below?

destination_layer.edit_features(adds=adds_df, updates=updts_df, deletes=deletes)




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perhaps related  .... GUID curly brackets etc

BUG-000137411: Geoprocessing Services published to ArcGIS Enterpris.. (

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