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Is it possible for a Python GP tool to use pooled server database connections?

07-01-2019 07:41 AM
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I wonder if it is possible for a published Python tool in ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 (not Portal/Enterprise, just a stand-alone Server) to make use of a registered database connection.  So, what I mean is, I have an instance of ArcGIS Server 10.6.1, and it has several registered database connections to an SDE on another machine.

I would like to publish a Python geoprocessing tool to that ArcGIS Server that can use these "pooled" SDE connections to read or write data, so I do not have to upload a separate SDE connection file for every GP tool every time I re-publish it or change the password.  This would be similar to how Java web apps use a single Tomcat database connection, which is more efficient and easier to maintain.

But I can't figure out of this is possible or what the syntax would be.  Here is a simple example of what I'd like to do in Python.  All this script does is open up and list the datasets in an SDE schema:

import sys
import os
import arcpy

scriptPath = sys.path[0]
arcpy.env.workspace = os.path.join(scriptPath, "read_only_connection.sde")
ds = arcpy.ListDatasets()
if len(ds) > 0:
  dataset_file = open(os.path.join(scriptPath, "datasets.txt"), "w")
  for d in ds:
    dataset_file.write(d + "\n")

If I copy up read_only_connection.sde to the script's directory after I publish, it will work.  But read_only_connection.sde is already imported as a registered database on the server called read_only_connection (no .sde extension).  How do I reference it from within Python?  Is it even possible?

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