Installing arcgis-map-ipywidget in Jupyter Lab

10-04-2023 01:50 PM
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The Esri documentation that describes how to install Jupyter Labs is very clear on the version of the arcgis-map-ipywidget. 

  • NOTE: your installed ArcGIS API for Python version must EXACTLY match this installed arcgis-map-ipywidget npm jupyterlab extension, or else it will not work. (ex. 1.8.2 of the Python API installed, 1.8.2 of the arcgis-map-ipywidget extension installed. jupyter labextension list will show you all versions of extensions installed)

However, since I installed the latest API (conda list indicates 2.2.0) I would have expected to find the also the 2.2.0 version of the arcgis-map-ipywidget while configuring the extensions in jupyter lab (Browser). How do I install the correct version? The command jupyter labextension list gives arcgis-map-ipywidget v1.8.1 enabled OK

Thanks for your help!

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