How to set the AGOL utility services used by Portal?

11-06-2018 11:22 AM
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I'm trying to set the AGOL utility services used by a Portal using the Python API. After setting  them up through the Portal UI, I can see that the URL to the AGO World Closest Facility service, for example, is:


but I also know that my login credentials are used to access the AGOL services, and I'm assuming that they're encrypted in the ID portion of the URL (the portion between /servers/ and /rest/). So, if this is the case, can I assume that this URL can be used to access the utility services, provided that the login credentials remain invalid? In that case, I can use the


method to pass in a dictionary representing the utility services. Or, is there another place in the API that I can set the AGOL utility services by passing in the login credentials?

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