How to overlay population data (split by suburbs) onto service areas (polygons that partially cross different suburbs)

07-21-2021 07:05 PM
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I am new to arcGIS python API,

I have generated service areas using solve_service_area and it has resulted in polygons of 10,15,25 minute drives from two specific locations. These polygons cross through several suburbs. Note the service area is in the form of a feature set as opposed to a feature layer.

I also have a hosted feature layer of census data for each suburb in the country (e.g. population, dwellings). 

I would like to determine the census data (e.g. no. households) only for the suburbs within my service area polygons. I understand geoenrichment does something similar, but I have a free account and only have access to certain features.

Basically, is there a python code that can find the suburbs that are within or intersect my service area polygons and pull in the census data for those suburbs? If it's able to weight it for partially covered suburbs that's even better. Note i'm new so easy to understand examples will be appreciated! Thanks.

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