How to enable Z on a Spatial Data Frame?

08-11-2022 12:28 PM
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Is there any way to create a spatially enabled dataframe with Z enabled? I'm  here:

I can call the fact that has_z is false. I want it to actually make an sedf that has_z enabled but there's no argument to pass to do so? I thought maybe adding a 'z' to a shape column in a dataframe and then converting it to an sedf would work, but that did nothing. If the geoaccessor lets me evaluate has_z, there has to be a way to make has_z true, yeah?

 Is my geometry object wrong? does it go somewhere in there before creating the SEDF? If so, where in the docs could I find how it's structured?

Thanks for any help this is driving me crazy. Also I am doing this way wrong that's also helpful so just shout.

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