How to display a polygon instead of a point

09-20-2019 07:43 AM
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Using PostGIS I have created a geometry column which contains a 100 FT buffer around each point. I'm trying to take this from PostGIS and create/update a feature layer in ArcGIS Online. This will be part of an automated pipeline and I'm using the arcgis python api. How I normally update datasets is I first upload a csv file and then overwrite that csv using the api whenever new data is received.

I've tried exporting this data in a CSV and a shapefile and then uploading that to ArcGIS Online but there is no option that I could see to choose to display the buffer polygon. It only will show the points.

Uploading CSV:

uploading csv

Buffer column in PostGIS:

Buffer column postgis

What happens when I upload the data:

unbuffered points

What I'm trying to achieve:

buffered points

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The screenshot you are showing is a WKT representation of a polygon, albeit truncated to the first vertex since the column is only so wide.

It would help to explain your situation a bit more.  It seems like you have a table in PostGIS that you want to either upload or update into ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.  Am I on the right path?

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Hi Joshua,

Yes you are correct - I updated my question with more details and screenshots. I'm still pretty new to ArcGIS Online so forgive me if this is a silly question. I appreciate any help or direction you can point me in!

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