How to compare the data before and after augmentation using prepare_data

08-04-2021 06:58 PM
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I use the arcgis.learn.prepare_data for data augmentation. Then, I use show_batch to visualize the exported training samples with labels after data augmentation. However, I do not know the coordinate location of the samples on the raster imagery. How can I know this coordinate information of the samples along with labels? The reason I need to know the coordinate locations of the samples is to examine the changes of samples after applying data augmentation to choose suitable augmentation parameters.

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Currently we do not have any way to know what coordinates you are looking at from the {data}.show_batch() output.
However to address your original concern you can call the prepare_data() by passing an additional parameter transforms=False, this will turn off all kind of data augmentations. You can then visualize sample data using {data}.show_batch() and compare it with the ones you get without passing this parameter.

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