How do I get the actual storage usage of my portal users?

04-07-2019 04:05 PM
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Hello, I'm trying to create a script to get the actual storage usage of my portal users. The code I've written is this:

gis = GIS(profile='geogeeks')
user = gis.users.get('aitor.calero.masquemapas')
usrs ='')
for usr in usrs:
print(usr.username + "\t\t:\t" + str((usr.storageUsage/1024)))

However, it always gives me the same size per user:

usuario.invitado : 57075573.77636719
usuarioapps04 : 57075573.77636719
usuarioapps05 : 57075573.77636719
usuarioapps06 : 57075573.77636719
usuarioapps10 : 57075573.77636719
usuarioapps15 : 57075573.77636719

Am I doing something wrong? I've also noticed that the size comes in bits. I will be great if you can get it in MB, KB, GB, etc by passing a parameter.

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In this case, ArcGIS API for Python is simply passing along the bogus values being generated by ArcGIS REST API.  You might want to ask your question overArcGIS REST API

I say "bogus values" because either the numbers are incorrect of Esri's definition of storageUsage is something very different than what nearly everyone thinks.