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Get imagery samples from imagery layer with raster function applied

09-17-2018 05:11 AM
New Contributor

Hi everyone!

I encountered a problem while attempting to use the get_samples method of the Imagery Layer from the Python API.

I accessed the Landsat Imagery layer, applied the NDVI raster function, but the get_samples method does not return the correct values.

This is the code

import arcgis

from arcgis.raster.functions import *

from arcgis.geocoding import geocode

## skipped connection lines

# access Landsat Imagery

landsat_item ='Multispectral Landsat', 'Imagery Layer', outside_org=True)[0]

landsat = landsat_item.layers[0]

# Create geometry

area = geocode('Bucharest, RO',[0]

geom = arcgis.geometry.Geometry(area['extent'])

# Get samples

ndvi_lyr = ndvi(landsat, '5 4')
sam = ndvi_lyr.get_samples(geom, sample_count=1)
sam[0]['value']  # get only the pixel values

The output is:

'1405 1198 1012 927 1367 1146 857 9 2720'

I expected to get the values as NDVI values (-1 to +1 interval), not unprocessed data.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help,

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