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Get Feature Data Storage Usage

06-20-2023 10:26 AM
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Is it possible to get the usage and availability of the Feature Data Store within AGO using the Python API?  Below is a sample of the usage and availability I see when signed in as an admin to our AGO Organization.

I don't see this as a property of within the arcgis.gis module.





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Hi there - could this be what you are looking for?  These items were added in the 2.2.0 release on 9/25.



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I'm curious how the percent storage metric works?  If I use this metric using an average per hour over one day, I'm getting 4.0 as a result.  However, if I look at the feature data storage in the AGO interface, I see 1%.  Is there are reason I'm getting 4.0 returned?...I get the same if I use min or max.

AGO Interface --- 1% usage



Python API --- 4% 



If I return the feature storage, I get a value that aligns with the AGO interface, around 4.20GB once you convert MB to GB (4,305/1,024 = 4.20).  If I then divide this by the 500GB shown in the AGO interface, I get the 1% usage.





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