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Exporting Feature Collection

11-13-2020 10:14 AM
Regular Contributor

I'm trying to export out a markup layer so I can consume it in ArcGIS Pro as a KML file. I get two error messages when I run my code:

  1. Item type'text' is not supported for export, The item needs to be of type url
  2. Item '3aa84e15bffd45e39d9aaa44c8d928fd' is of invalid type 'Feature Collection' Item type for export needs to be 'Feature Service', 'Vector Tile Service' or 'Scene Service'

How would I go about making my feature collection into a feature service? This is the code that returns the errors:

markup ='owner:mfoley10_myUTK', item_type='Feature Collection')[0]
output = markup.export('test', 'KML')


If I drill down far enough I can access a feature set, but feature sets don't have the property of exporting.

#this is a list of feature collections [<FeatureCollection>, <FeatureCollection>, <FeatureCollection>, <FeatureCollection>]
layers = markup.layers
fset1 = layers[0].layer.featureSet
fset2 = layers[0].layer.featureSet


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