Error when overwriting feature layer

12-19-2021 10:52 AM
New Contributor II

According to the documentation, there is a paramater (context) in the tool arcgis.features.analysis.join_features. In  this parameter, there is an option to overwrite an existing feature layer.

It is a dictionary, and I am writing it like that. However, I still get an error, saying the name already exist. Which I thought would be solved by enabling the overwrite. 

Am I writing it wrong? or is there a mistake in my code?





So, I realized that maybe I needed to call the layer to be overwritten per se. which I just did at the beggining of the code.



And it finally works! The error does not appear anymore.

HOWEVER, when reviewing the feature layer I notice that it is adding more layers instead of overwriting the existing layer. 


This service is going to be updated regularly, so I don´t want to accumulate layers. 

So, that was the update. Any suggestions or recommendations are more than welcome!




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