error in coastline extraction tutorial

04-10-2021 03:11 AM
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Hi, i am following the tutorial by

i have having issue with the line :

gis2 = GIS('', 'arcgis_python', 'amazing_arcgis_123')

 The error is unable to generate token. Invalid username and password.


Also with this line :

landsat_item ='title:Multispectral Landsat owner:esri_livingatlas tags:Multitemporal, imagery, landsat 8, temporal, MS', 'Imagery Layer', outside_org=True)[0]
landsat = landsat_item.layers[0]

The error is list index out of range


Same for this:

aoi ='usa_coast_buff_f', 'feature layer')[0]

The error is list index out of range.

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Update on my issues. I have resolved the last two items. for the 2nd issue it was a query issue, the existing query in the tutorial given is invalid, have to update accordingly. For the last issue, it requires a "outside_org = True" argument in the function.

I still need help with the first issue, thanks in advance.

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