Does Item.dependent_to() return more than 10 results?

08-08-2018 08:10 AM
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When I run the dependent_to() method on an item, it returns  a dict with a list of 10 items, but I know that there are more than 10 items that depend on this layer in our ArcGIS Portal.

There is nothing in the API documentation that indicates what the maximum return is, and I only ask because I know the Content Manager Search function limits to 10 unless you pass the maxCount argument.

This is an example of the dict I receive when I run the dependent_to() method.

{'list': [{'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': '7d793691da654aebbb621591fe37c362'},
  {'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': '3e344caf8d514efcb840ef55577805ab'},
  {'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': '3580e445750e44d7b964ccb7866940b2'},
  {'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': '860a10f4b36b4d3f96319c086483a1f1'},
  {'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': 'd931b4a4701541f4ae97e39538e02b99'},
  {'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': 'd5966d50898646a891bab7392d7b1a25'},
  {'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': '39e5d85e914f42ef9c0968581b94ec98'},
  {'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': '57706f042b014a728bc66b91226259be'},
  {'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': 'c00ac7e5547d4ae7ac29162d3003813b'},
  {'dependencyType': 'id', 'id': 'b93efd97b2234c51988412a440a6e68a'}],
 'start': 1,
 'num': 16,
 'total': 16,
 'nextStart': 1,
 'fullCount': 16}

Hopefully I am missing something simple?

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I don't suppose you found an answer to this did you?

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Looks like it might have been a bug in older versions of the API, now fixed at 2.0

What's new in version 2.0.0 | ArcGIS API for Python

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