Create an instance of a Survey123 survey

11-07-2020 01:47 PM
New Contributor

Is it possible to create an instance of a Survey123 survey using python (or the REST api) pre-populated with certain fields so it will simply appear in an inspector's Inbox? I know you can define defaults when you publish the survey but these values will be determined at the time the survey instance is created. Primarily there will be an Id field that matches to an external application. I have been able to create the survey and set the Id field, etc by adding a feature to the survey feature layer but it doesn't work for image line types. The item appears in the survey with no option to add an attachment. I initially had planned to use Workforce for this project but one of the core requirements is to run on Surface Pros (ie Windows devices). I am amazed that this is not an option. There must be some extra wiring that the Survey123 app does that makes these image line types work?

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