Copying favorites from one user to another

03-28-2019 08:15 AM
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I'm trying to move users from ArcGIS online logins to SSO logins, and one thing I stuck on is favorites.  I can get the list of favorites from the old user using the favGroupId but when I try hen I try to add them to the new user by sharing them to the favGroupId (the way I would with any other group), I just get 'notSharedWith' for all the items.

favs = gis.groups.get(olduser.favGroupId)
for fav in favs.content():
# Full item and group IDs edited out
{'notSharedWith': ['94..aa'], 'itemId': 'b4..34'}
{'notSharedWith': ['94..aa'], 'itemId': 'a5..77'}
{'notSharedWith': ['94..aa'], 'itemId': '64..35'}‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Is there another way to do this?

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It turns out the above code works fine as long as I'm logged in to the gis as the newuser, however that doesn't work for me in this scenario because I can't log in as the target SSO users.

It does not work if I'm just logged in as an admin (which is what I tried above).

I'm still looking for another option.

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Hi @SeanSweeney, I'm in a similar situation 3.5 years later. Did you figure this one out?

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Hi @TristanMcHardie,

Sadly, I never did figure this one out. I ended up just sending each user a list of their favorites to re-add themselves, which was painful for everyone.

Since this was a one-time thing for us, I never went back to see if anything was ever added to the API for this.

I'm sorry I can't be more help and I hope you can find a better solution.


Sean Sweeney

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Thanks for replying so quickly! Yes, that's what I've ended up doing as well - sending an email with a list of items. As you say, a one-time thing, so not worth delving further into.

Thanks again,


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