Catergorical D type error when using edit_features() to add rows to hosted feature layer from local geodatabase

04-25-2023 09:44 AM
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Hi everyone,

I've recently run into an issue with some code that I have has successfully working for over a year. The problem occurs when I try to add new rows to my agol hosted feature layer using the following code.


I can run almost the exact same code in order to update online features and don't run into any issues. Below is the error that I get. I thought that this might have to do with the online data having categorical d types, while the geodatabase does not, but I'm not sure why this doesn't affect using the edit_features to update features though.


{KeyError} CategoricalDtype(categories=['left_only', 'right_only', 'both'], ordered=False)


If anyone had any ideas they can tell me, or has experienced anything similar, I'd be grateful for the help!

Thank you in advance!

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