Cannot install arcgis for python, also cannot find from the Package Manager

05-25-2023 09:43 AM
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Hi guys, hope you all are doing well.

I could not find arcgis from my ArcGIS pro package manager, so I tried to install arcgis in conda with the Prompt, but always failed, pip failed as well.


The error message is "CondaSSLError: OpenSSL appears to be unavailable on this machine. OpenSSL is required to download and install packages." But I have downloaded and installed the latest OpenSSL already. Please let me if you have any ideas, I sincerely appreciate your help.

Thank you very much,




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Presuming this is on the default Python environment I think it would be best to perform a clean reinstall of ArcGIS Pro as that should be showing a result for the ArcGIS API for Python.

The following guide I find very useful for doing this.


Hope that helps!


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Thank you very much, I double-checked with my IT supporters, a potential reason is any new Python dependencies' installation be blocked by the cyber security system. Anyway, still appreciate your help.