Can I use ArcGIS python API in Azure DataBricks platforms??

05-13-2019 11:19 PM
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I went through different ArcGIS tutorial and guide, however I didn't find any way to use ArcGIS with python API in DataBricks.

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Esri Contributor

I was able to install the arcgis package from PyPI into databricks (azure databricks). just follow the import library workflow and type "arcgis" into the PyPI library box.

However I then ran into this issue and have not had a chance to go back and work through this, seems like there is a big overlap in libraries of different versions so there may be challenges..

I also had a bit more success installing the library into the notebook context using


in the first notebook cell.

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Is this still the preferred approach for getting ArcGIS API for Python into Databricks?  I have Geoanalytics Engine all setup in a Databricks Workspace on Azure, but just looking for steps on how to incorporate the ArcGIS API for Python as well.


I assumed I would be able to install at the cluster level so all notebooks would be able to import it when required:



However this fails




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