Best way to create a 2 way sync between AGOL hosted feature service and File Geodatabase

01-10-2022 05:56 AM
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My rquirement is to create a process through I can publish a hosted feature layer to AGOL from a File Geodatabase using Python. Next, the edits which are done either in the Hosted Feature Service of FGDB should be synced on a daily basis. 

The FGDB contains point, line and polygon feature classes. I wanted to know if there is any ready to use tool or if there is any documentation related to it?


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Getting an offline layer and a hosted layer to sync in both directions is quite complicated. A one-way sync is simple enough to overwrite the destination layer, but the situation you're describing needs to preserve potential edits in both.

Are there going to be deletes happening in both locations? Adds and updates can be reliably identified between the two layers, but if you are deleting features, that can get especially complex.

Regardless, what you'll want to do is add a GUID field to both the FGDB and the hosted layers so that you can identify the same features in each.

Could you instead just enable offline sync and download an offline layer in Pro?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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