Automatically overwrite google sheets feature layer

11-24-2021 01:05 PM
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Hello,  I have a google sheet with latitude/longitude columns that I added to ArcGIS Online via New Item > Google Drive > Google Sheets.  I would like to have this update automatically, but it seems the only way to update it (sync it with the Google Sheets source) is through ArcGIS Online, clicking Update Data > Overwrite Entire Layer.  How can I emulate that "Overwrite Entire Layer" functionality with python?


I've looked through the API documentation and various forum posts, especially the top reply in this post sounds very confident that there's a way to do it "quite easily!", but I can't seem to crack it.  I've tried:


item = gis.content.get(item_id)
item.update(data=google_sheets_url)  # returns True, but does nothing


where 'google_sheets_url' is the destination URL of the link on the AGOL item page:


I've also tried the FeatureLayerCollection.manager.overwrite() method, but I doubt that's the way to do it.

I can imagine an ugly workaround where I schedule a download of the google sheet as a csv, and do item.update() or flc.manager.overwrite() using the file on my disk, or schedule some kind of truncate+append.  But both of those involve a lot of seemingly unnecessary stuff in the background; it really seems there should be an easy way to sync with Google Sheets.  I appreciate any help in advance!

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I have tried reading csv using panda and am getting this issue.



 I appreciate any help in advance!

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Maybe you could write the pandas df to a temp csv file on disk, then use the file path as the argument for FeatureLayerCollection.manager.overwrite() and delete the temp file.  Then it would mirror this example:

Could look like:


import tempfile
import os

g_csv = pd.read_csv(dwn_url)
with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as csvdir:
    local_csv = os.path.join(csvdir, 'pandas.csv')


See also:

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