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Automated scripting - what's required?

05-09-2017 06:05 AM
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I'm attempting to write a script that I hope can be ran every 15mins using Microsoft Task Scheduler. Please can someone tell me: Do I require ArcGIS Pro and/or Portal on that machine - pretty certain I don't but just checking. 

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What does the script do? Does it reference any of the ESRI object library?



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Please see my other post outlining what I need - I was hoping to do it all via Python API. I'm struggling to understand how to deploy the script I have (nearly) working on my local machine -which has both ArcGIS Desktop and Pro on it - onto a server that has no Esri products.

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Hi Andrew,

IF your script imports the arcpy module for required functionality then you would need to have either Desktop/Pro, Engine or Server installed on your production server for your scripts to work.

IF you are using the ArcGIS API for Python then here are the deployment options: Install and set up | ArcGIS for Developers