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Authentication for AddtoDefinition

06-22-2023 05:06 AM
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I'm attempting to add a relationship between two items in a hosted feature layer via the addToDefinition command in a script. I have the correct JSON, and I can apply it myself via the Rest directory of the feature layer. When I try and run it from ArcGIS Pro, passing my pro credentials to the script:

gis = GIS('pro')

and using the: 

token = gis._con.token

command it doesn't work. If I hardcode my username and password into the script instead:

gis = GIS("", username, password) it does work...every time!

What is the difference between the two methods? It's the same account, so surely the token it generates to make the change will be identical. I would rather not have to hardcode a username and password in and have it just inherit Pro's connection properties. I also tried using the: 

arcpy.GetSigninToken() command, but again it doesn't work when I pass this as the token

Any help is much appreciated

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