Attachments dissapear after merge operation.

02-01-2017 11:24 PM
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I've got multiple hosted services in AGOL with attachments enabled, and am needing to use the merge command to bring them into a single layer. This works fine in the API for the mostpart. Issues i'm having;

The attachments are not maintained through the merge operation and dissapear. There appears to be no option to maintain attachments (as there is in the ArcGIS Pro Python envrionment setting)

I'd like to overwrite the 'merged' layer each time - but the script crashes if theres an existing feature layer - again, an environment setting to enable overwriting would be nice.

The attachments must be maintained, therefore forcing me to download the data, and use arcpy to do the merge operation etc. It would be nice to have an option to do everything with the API. Is there any plans to enable this or any further thoughts?


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Hey Blake! 

I'm assuming your using the following function:

arcgis.features.manage_data module — arcgis 1.0.1 documentation 

Is that correct? Could you share your code with me? Feel free to send it via private message if you like. If it's crashing the environment, we'd like to reproduce that to log a bug for this. 



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