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ArcPy vs Arcgis Python API

07-26-2019 11:45 AM
by Anonymous User
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Is there any document that describes the differences between ArcPy and ArcGIS Python API?


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Javier Distefano 

Here is a link to a good description of the difference that also has links to other support documentation.

Replacing ArcPy with ArcGIS API for Python? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange 

by Anonymous User
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Very generally speaking, arcpy is intended to be used with desktop ArcGIS - either run from a map document (or aprx) or as a standalone script that utilizes the functionality available within a map document.

Buffer, Clip, Data Driven pages, geoprocessing, etc... I use it to simplify the geoprocessing and mapping workflow when using ArcGIS Desktop.

ArcGIS API for Python provides access to an online "GIS" - an ArcGIS Online account or a portal, plus any associated service-hosting servers. 

You can create web maps, publish services, stop and start services, list data sources, add/drop users, update metadata, etc... I use it at this time only to gather information about items and services on the portal so I can see where gaps are in our metadata and what data is feeding what item. Helpful with housekeeping of our ArcGIS Enterprise stuff.