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ArcGIS Online: Clone_items on standalone table

03-28-2019 06:41 AM
Occasional Contributor

Hi, when running a simple clone_items script on an ArcGIS Online hosted table, I get the following error: 

"Failed to create Feature Service CobourgRoadsAnnualSummary: 'spatialReference'", None

This is correct, since my table doesn't have a spatial reference. Any ideas how to clone this item nevertheless...?
(also tried using arcgis online assistant, didn't work)
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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Chaim,

The requirement for spatialReference appears baked in for Feature Services. One option would be to clone the data whence the hosted table was derived - e.g., if you uploaded an eExcel workbook as an item, you would end up with a 'Microsoft Excel' item and the hosted table. It is possible to clone a 'Microsoft Excel' item and then have the option to publish a Hosted table from the cloned item.