arcgis.geometry.project Not Returning Correct Coordinates

06-15-2022 11:52 AM
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I'm trying to use the API for Python to project coordinate pairs from Iowa NAD83 State Plane North 2011 (wkid: 6463) to Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere (wkid: 3857) and keep getting incorrect output coordinates even when providing a transformation using arcgis.geometry.project.

A sample input coordinate pair:

x: 5473781.44689313

y: 3528213.97180123


The output coordinate pair should be the following.  I know this is correct because if I project the source dataset and overlay the two, they are right on top of each other, as expected.

x: -10181495.7632

y: 5185060.8775


However, if I use the Python API (code below), I get the following coordinate pair:

x: -10181494.235273974

y: 5185058.5577987395


The Python API is returning a point that is about 3 meters offset from where it should be.  Is this a bug?  Am I not inputting the correct values into the code below?



# set geometry
geometry_in = arcgis.geometry.Point({'x': 5473781.44689313, 'y': 3528213.97180123, 'spatialReference': {'wkid': 6463}})
# project geometry
geometry_projected = arcgis.geometry.project(geometries=[geometries_in], in_sr=6463, out_sr=3857, transformation=108363)
# get projected geometry
geometry = geometry_projected[0]
# get coordinate values
coord_x = geometry['x']
coord_y = geometry['y']
# show values

{'x': -10181494.235273974, 'y': 5185058.5577987395, 'spatialReference': {'wkid': 102100, 'latestWkid': 3857}}




I am getting the transformation WKID from Pro, shown below.




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You should raise an "issue" on


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If you remove the transformation=108363 you get very close to the results you are expecting


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