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ArcGIS Eclipse PyDev - code autocomplete not working

01-28-2021 10:31 PM
New Contributor

I have ArcGIS 9.3, Eclipse Indigo with PyDev plugin installed. I am unable to configure PyDev so the autocompletion of arcgis functions will work.

I have added python interpreter and path to arcgis bin folder. I am able to run script, import of arcgiscripting works but autocompletion shows only functions that i already used in code, not all possible functions.

Reading other posts i found that in arcgis 10 there is arcpy looker folder that should be added to pythonpath, i cant find similar folder in arcgis 9.3 version.

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The link is spam and 9.3 has been abandoned.

Either edit the post or it will be flagged

@Anonymous User FYI ... watch list

... sort of retired...