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arcgis.apps Suvery123 is not an attribute

11-16-2018 11:13 AM
New Contributor II

After reading this article about the new Python API 1.5.1 release. I was most interested in checking out the Survey123 module. 

I am using the API in Anaconda rather than through an installation of ArcGIS Pro. 

When I use the command print(arcgis.__version__) i get : 1.5.1

However when I try to use the module I get the error: module 'arcgis.apps' has no attribute 'survery123'

I am wondering if anyone else is able to successfully get the Suvery123 module to work?

John Yaist

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Fred,

I think you might have a typo it in your import (an extra "r"). Try "from arcgis.apps import survey123"

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New Contributor II

Hi Aaron, Thanks for point this out!

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Esri Contributor

Thanks for pointing the is out, Kellner . 

For now try this code to import survey123 and make an instance of the SurveyManager:

from arcgis.apps.survey123._survey import SurveyManager, Survey‍

survey_mgr = SurveyManager(gis=<your_gis>)
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