Append Hosted Feature Layers Between AGOL and Portal

03-15-2022 01:16 PM
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Hello, I am currently trying to append data from one feature layer on AGOL to another feature layer on Portal. The two features share the exact same layout and have the exact same fields. I have tried using the API's Append Function however recieve an error stating that Append only works in AGOL. I saw a previous post where a user mentioned that this function was only doable on AGOL. However, according to the documentation this should be working for Enterprise versions 10.8.1+. Any help/advice would be awesome and greatly appeciated. Thanks!

Link to the documentation:

Thanks again in advance


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Hi there, what version of ArcGIS Enterprise are you running?

What parameter are you using in the append function for the upload format? e.g. file geodatabase/shapefile/csv?

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Hello @sxw_eaglegis and @MatthewObuck, I'm running into the same problem. I'm trying to run arcgis.features.append on hosted feature services in Portal. The ArcGIS Enterprise version is 10.8.1, and the upload format I am working with is a filegdb. The error is the same as Matthew described, that this append method is only available to ArcGIS Online. Any info would be greatly appreciated! 

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