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All Places? What about Web GIS, Web Developers, or Python?

03-25-2017 09:01 AM
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I can't believe I didn't notice before now that‌ is simply a group located under All Places instead of being a formal space/subspace.  Looking at the current‌, I can see an argument for having ArcGIS API for Python under‌,‌, or‌.  Since the ArcGIS API for Python is officially an Esri product, please consider integrating this group into the community structure as a formal space.  I don't know if a group can be converted to a space/subspace, but maybe timothy_hales-esristaff‌ can help answer that question.

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Esri Notable Contributor‌ is a group. Groups are independent of parent spaces. You will find that we have moved to creating groups instead of spaces. Although groups can be converted into spaces, group provide a simpler environment to manage.

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I can understand Groups for some, well, groups, but for official products I think it makes more sense to have spaces/subspaces that fit within a hierarchy.  I guess I better get used to more groups....