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407 Proxy Authentication Required

05-17-2019 01:48 AM
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We are working with the Nighttime Flow Analysis | ArcGIS Solutions for Water. It has a step-by-step procedure wherein you have to run certain models. However, we can't run successfully the step 2, which is the loading of SubDMAs to the Feature Service already published in the Portal. 

Please note that we are working on with an environment that uses a proxy and it requires authentication. In that case, I've already setup an environment variables `HTTP_PROXY` and `HTTPS_PROXY` with value of `https://username:p%40ssword@proxyIP:proxyPort` (assuming that the %40 is the @ value). Upon running the script it still not work and still throwing a 407 Proxy Authentication Required (error please see attached photo). 

We understand that the python script uses the ArcRestHelper. We tried downloading the latest version and overrides the arcrest included in the solution. In the script, you will see assignment of certain variables that needed in order to run the code. 

 proxy_port = None
 proxy_url = None

 securityinfo = {}
 securityinfo['security_type'] = 'Portal'#LDAP, NTLM, OAuth, Portal, PKI
 securityinfo['username'] = "portalusername"
 securityinfo['password'] = "portalpassword"
 securityinfo['org_url'] = "organizationsPortalURL"
 securityinfo['proxy_url'] = proxy_url
 securityinfo['proxy_port'] = proxy_port
 securityinfo['referer_url'] = None
 securityinfo['token_url'] = None
 securityinfo['certificatefile'] = None
 securityinfo['keyfile'] = None
 securityinfo['client_id'] = None
 securityinfo['secret_id'] = None      

Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you!
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