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2.7.1 Python env works in ArcGIS Pro, in Notebooks but not in VS Code

03-01-2021 07:10 AM
New Contributor II

I have cloned and activated my Python Environment and it works fine in ArcGIS  Pro and when running Jupyter lab, but when I try to debug a script tool in VS code using the cloned environment, I get a strange error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'ptyprocess'?? 

If I try to run pip install ptyprocess it then throws: No module named 'fcntl' which doesn't exist for windows?

The issue must have come with the 2.7.1 upgrade because it hasn't been an issue with previous versions.

Does anybody know of a workaround?

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Hi Morten, 

What happens if you activate the cloned environment in ArcGIS Pro and run the problematic script/code against ArcGIS Pro's built-in IDE? 

If this is what you meant by "it works fine in ArcGIS Pro", then I apologize for misinterpreting.


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Running the script in ArcGIS Pro works, but then I cannot debug. I have used this procedure for years and it's the first time I experience this problem. 

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