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04-08-2017 06:54 AM
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At Esri, we are very excited that despite being a relatively new product, the Python API has generated a lot of interest and adoption from our user community. When we started to design this API, one of our goals was that it should be easy enough for a beginner while being intuitive and elegant enough for a seasoned Python developer. While the API has guideAPI reference and sample notebooks, we continue to develop talks, demos and courses for it. This blog is a spot to collect and curate them.

This does not have to contain only the resources from Esri, if you delivered a talk, please share it with us or post it as a comment.

General resources

About the API in 5 minutes


Talks from Esri GeoDev Webinar 2017

On Wednesday, October 18th Ben Ramseth and Atma Mani teamed up to present the webinar, "Explore the Power of the ArcGIS API for Python". This webinar is part of the newly established GeoDev Webinar Series started by the Developer Outreach at Esri. You can find the blog post by Amy Niessen here: Questions Answered: Explore the Power of the ArcGIS API for Python and the slide deck of the recording here: https://github.com/Esri/arcgis-python-api/tree/conference_talks/talks/GeoDevWebinar2017

Talks from Esri User Conference 2017

A few of the presentations from the User Conference are available on YouTube. Below are a couple of talks on Python API:

Introduction to Scripting your Web GIS - slides and notebooks.

Administering ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online with Python - slides and notebooks

ArcGIS Python API: Advanced Scripting - slides and notebooks

Talks from Esri Developer summit 2017

Introduction to Scripting your Web GIS - slides

Advanced scripting

ArcGIS API for Python for GIS Analysts and Data Scientists

ArcGIS API for Python for Administrators and Content Publishers - slides

Administering your Portal for ArcGIS

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Thank you for sharing all the videos. 

Can you share the crime mapping analysis notebook that was demoed in 'ArcGIS Python API for GIS Analysts and Data Scientists' video?

Or any sample notebook with Predictive analysis using Machine learning would be helpful.


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