Visual Studio 2015 with Angular 2 and JavaScript API 4

04-26-2016 12:24 PM
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I, along with a million or so developers use Visual Studio as our primary tool for web app development.

I'm trying to create a Visual Studio 2015 project for ESRI JavaScript API 4.0 Beta using Angular 2.

I first created a VS project and then added files from Jacob's playground works perfectly. My VS project loads the index.html, but fails when trying to show the map.

My project can be found at

It would be enormously helpful to VS developers to have a project template that works for these new frameworks. I'm hoping someone else can use this as a starting point and find how to make it work.

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Hi, did you manage to get this to work? Angular 2 + Javascript API 4

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Hi Tony,

Not yet. The first step is just getting Angular 2 working in Visual Studio 2015.  I think I'm making progress with the latest version of Visual Studio 2015.  I got TypeScript working, but adding Angular 2 caused errors.  So frustrating.  I created a GitHub repository illustrating the problem.  See

See the Wiki there for more detail.


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