Popup fails to display for FeatureLayer if opacity is not 1

12-08-2017 05:26 PM
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In version 4.5 of the JSAPI, a popup will not display for a FeatureLayer created with a source if FeatureLayer.opacity is anything other than 1. This works fine in version 4.4.

Steps to reproduce:

- Create a FeatureLayer with source array of graphics /renderer/popup template.

- Set FeatureLayer opacity to 0.8.

- Load the FeatureLayer in a view. All the symbols show properly.

- Click on a symbol. Expected: Popup displays. Actual: Nothing happens.

- Use the same setup except load the 4.4 jsapi. Everything works as expected.

Is there a known way around this or is there plans to fix it?

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This issue will be resolved in our next release (4.6).