Moving a 3d graphic causing shader / texture issues

08-03-2017 03:17 PM
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I've been planing around with the 3d API, and am trying to make a

ObjectSymbol3DLayer graphic with the Eurocopter resource move across the map.  Example url: 
The problem is that this type of object seems to be too complex for the browser and can't be rendered quick enough.  The texture does not load (solid white object) appears and has a tearing effect across the screen.  After updating chrome the texturing seems to "catch up" slowly when the moving stops.  It also doesn't remove the old graphic properly when using this type of resource.  
I should mention that when using a primitive sphere this draws smoothly, including removing the old graphics as they move.
I use the following code to clone and add a new graphic since it is not currently possible to just update a graphics properties once its added to the map:
      var tempPlayer = this.playerGraphic.clone();
      tempPlayer.geometry.x += options.x;
      tempPlayer.geometry.y += options.y;
      tempPlayer.symbol.symbolLayers.items[0].heading = this.calculateHeading(options);
      this.playerGraphic = tempPlayer.clone();
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I'm not sure what the issue is here.  I would try generating an entirely new symbol every time you move the graphic to start with.

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