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03-24-2015 07:45 AM
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I am importing our CAD files into ArcGIS so that I can server them up to the JavaScript API using Server.  These CAD files do not have any spatial information at this point.  What we are doing is really looking at the inside of our stores when zoomed in very closely.  I've been tasked to come up with a way to allow our upper management the ability to draw a box that will give them the sqft of that box and be able to either add some data/label to that box or be able to pull some information into that box.   In other words show changes to departments that want made to the store over top the CAD drawing.

Any ideas/suggestions on how to get going on this project.  The measurement tool and drawing tools are nice don't really help me with this problem.  Examples are always appreciated.



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It only needs minor adjustments, if you customized it just do the following.

add the following to the map.on("load"):

  map.on("load", function () {

            toolbar = new Draw(map);

            toolbar.on("draw-end", addToMap);

  //toolbar.on("draw-complete", addMeas);

            editToolbar = new Edit(map);

            map.on("click", function (evt) {





  map.reposition();  //Add this line

            map.resize();  ///Add this line


And remove the following from the CSS:

    html, body {

        height: 97%;

        width: 98%;

  <!--Remove the Margin here-->


Adding a save button seems like a lot of work and I don;t have the time atm


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I was so excited to try this but it did not seem to work.  I wish I was smart enough to understand why it is not working or how to add it to a save button but I am not. Any thoughts Advance Draw Tool Guy?

BTW - Maybe I was using it wrong.  It is my understanding that since we were invoking the editor on the click event that I didn't need to do anything else.  However, when I added the code and then drew some stuff and came back in my drawings were gone.  I looked at the right click events and don't see where I would do anything else.

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