dateformat in Attribute Inspector

06-25-2014 04:37 PM
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Is it possible to display both the date AND the time using the Attribute Inspector?

shortDateshortTime doesn't seem to display a time
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Esri Regular Contributor
@meloking, I'm not sure however have you tried specifying a TimeTextBox as a custom widget to the Attribute Inspector?

Here are two examples to demonstrate what I'm suggesting:

Attribute Inspector sample with custom widget:

Dojo TimeTextBox:

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Here is a link for formatting infoWindow content.  It might help get you started.  I'm not sure if the commands are the same for the AttributeInspector.

Here is a sample where they format AttributeInspector content

Hope this helps
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Unfortunately, the AttributeInspector widget does not currently support time by default.

However, it has been updated for the next release (due out before the UC).
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