Custom parameters with WFS services (LINZ) ?

07-16-2018 05:14 PM
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I have been trying to use a public WFS service NZ Street Address Web Services and API Availability | LINZ Data Service .

My main objective is to display some point of this service on my WAB developer edition, based on bounding box using Javascript.

I have achieve to display the data on my map but the custom parameters seems completely ignored.

Here is the link from LINZ which provide a parameter to set a bounding box. 

If i only use my browser the custom parameter from LINZ works perfectly :;key="the key that you can generate easily on the linz website"/wfs... 

I also have tried to add this custom parameter "cql_filter=bbox(shape,42.436793,173.634652,-42.384224,173.727006) " in Arcgis Online map viewer too (when added "layer from web" -> "WFS OGC  web service") but it's ignored so the output data are not limited by this bounding box.

I have been stuck on this problem for  a while now, please if someone has a solution or has already done something similar your help will be much appreciated.

My JS looks like this :""); // supports CORS

var url = ";key="the key that you can generate easily on linz website"/wfs?REQUEST=GetFeature&typeNames=layer-53353&BBOX(shape,-36.764156,174.975230,-36.817467,175.023120)";

var opts = {
     customParameters : {"cql_filter":"bbox(shape,-36.764156,174.975230,-36.817467,175.023120)"},
     url: url,
     version: "2.0.0",
     name: "layer-53353",
     wkid: 4326,
     maxFeatures: 1000
var mylayer = new WFSLayer();


var symbol = new SimpleMarkerSymbol().setColor(new esri.Color([255,0,0,0.5])); 
var renderer = new SimpleRenderer(symbol); 
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