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08-16-2017 03:46 AM
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Is it possible to start view popup behavior from a specific button in arcgis js api 4? I mean is it possible to stop default click-for-popup behavior at the beginning and to start it by clicking on a specific button if needed?

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If you look at the IdentifyTask sample, the popup isn't shown until the task has been completed.

identifyTask.execute(params).then(function(response) {

// code

}).then(showPopup); // Send the array of features to showPopup()

// Shows the results of the Identify in a popup once the promise is resolved
function showPopup(response) {
  if (response.length > 0) {{
      features: response,
      location: event.mapPoint
  dom.byId("viewDiv").style.cursor = "auto";

The showPopup function could instead be called from a button click, although you would have to keep track of the response and event.mapPoint.

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In order to disable popups, you could disabled them on each layer individually.  But probably the easiest way to do is to add your own click event like:

// this will stop click events from propagating further
let eventCatcher = view.on('click', e => e.stopPropagation());

// this will resume click events
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Thanks Thomas Solow, this is the solution I'm looking for.

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