Zip Codes Heat Map for whole area not point?

12-29-2021 02:06 PM
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Hello, I have a csv file that has zip codes. I want to create a heatmap of the frequency of zipcodes in the csv file. 

I would like to create something like:

Screenshot 2021-12-29 165952.png

Is this possible using the api? If so, can I get some help implementing this? Thank you!
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You don't need the API for this. Assuming the data is suitable, you can just upload the file to a new map at and apply the heatmap style.

Here are some resources about this -


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Hi @BushraSyed1 ,

There is a sample that shows how to construct a HeatmapRenderer from a CSV file that may help you get started:

And as @shaylavi mentioned, you can also upload the file to ArcGIS Online and add it as a layer to a map to apply the heatmap renderer style there. Hope this helps!


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