what is the name space/widget for Utility network tracing (Upstream,Downstream trace)

06-26-2013 09:04 PM
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Please any one can share how we can trace Geometric Network in JavaScript API with ArcGIS Server 10.1 especially Utility Network(Electrical, Gas, Water).

Please share the samples code URL's if any thing available.

If there is no widget with JavaScript 3.5, How can we perform this things.

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Has anyone ever figured this out? We are looking into doing this as well and haven't found any documentation or examples on how to do it with the JS API.
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Here's a link on publishing a service with network analysis

And one on working with the route task.

We just migrated to 10.1 this week (late to party, I know), but because of changes with Server and ArcObjects in the upgrade we can no longer use a couple of custom web services we used for our flow tracing capabilities with Network Analysis. In our case, I'll have to migrate it all to a Server Object Extension and publish it to our server, which is kind of a pain. In that case, esri.request would be how I'd interact with.

Not sure how much help that is, but those are the routes I'm taking.
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Hi All..

Any clue about this issue?

I found this on the ArcGIS 10.1 Help :

Network analysis services cannot be used for performing utility network analysis on a geometric network. Instead, you'll need to use ArcGIS for Desktop. For more information, see What are geometric networks?

Does it mean that Utility Network Analysis can only be done in ArcGIS for Desktop?

Thank you...

Happy New Year! :D
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