What are you using to develop your web apps?

11-05-2019 08:27 AM
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I am in the process of building a rather comprehensive GIS web app to replace our old Flex based platform that needs to be retired before the end of 2020.  Yes, Flex.  As time has allowed, I have been working on the various components using the 4.x JavaScript API, vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript.  I have completed enough of the primary components that I would like to assemble these into an initial deployable app and add new components/features over the next year.

I am planning on doing this in vanilla JS and TypeScript but, I keep looking at utilizing a framework such as React or React with Redux.  I have experimented with this on a small scale using the esri-loader and I am pleased with the workflow but have run into a few stumbling blocks that took a good bit of time to work though.  Contemplating the best approach for continued development into the future.

Just curious what others are using to develop web-based apps in conjunction with the 4.x JavaScript API?

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I'm developing a web application with ArcGIS 4.x JS in React. You'll most likely end up with some React anti-patterns in your application because changes to your map will be outside of React's view, but I've found it to be pretty manageable. I'm using react-arcgis. It's not necessary but provides a React-like way to access your map or scene properties.

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