WebTileLayer - tiles with partial transparency

01-31-2021 04:09 PM
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I am using a WebTileLayer as a basemap, something like this:

const basemap = new Basemap({
    baseLayers: [
        new WebTileLayer({
            id: 'my-basemap',
            urlTemplate: 'https://my-tile-server/{z}/{x}/{y}',

const map = new Map({

const view = new MapView({
    center: [174, -40],
    container: 'my-map',
    map: map,
    zoom: 7,

The tiles have a white strip around the coast and beyond the white strip they are transparent. At the edge of the white strip the tiles are part transparent, part white. The edge of the white strip shows as a grey line, see screenshot.

I would not expect this. Since the background of the map is white the edge of the white strip should not be visible. If I view one tile in my browser with a white background I can't see the grey outline.

I am using ArcGIS 4.18.


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